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IPhone Repair

IPhone Repair | Shattered ER - Longview,TX

We live in a smartphone society. We can all agree that iPhones have set high standards when it comes to mobile phone technology.

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Screen Repair

Screen Repair | Shattered ER - Longview,TX

With a cracked screen, navigating even the most basic functions of your phone can become a tedious chore. Sending text messages and looking...

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Used Phone Sales

Used Phone Sales | Shattered ER - Longview,TX

Do you have a teenage son or daughter looking for their first phone? If you are searching for quality and affordability, our used phone sales...

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Has your smart phone seen better days? Remember how new it looked when you first took it out of the box? No matter how careful you are, accidents happen and nearly all of us have suffered the dreaded scratched or – even worse – cracked screen. Fortunately, with Shattered ER at your service, throwing our or disposing of your damaged device is no longer the only option with our affordable repair solutions.

What about your computer? Has it been under the weather due to viruses and or malware? Shattered ER has a team of technicians standing by to troubleshoot and fix the problem promptly and reliably. Has your X-Box given you that dreaded red ring of death? Don't fret. Shattered ER is also trained in fixing and repairing video game consoles of all makes and models.

From iPhone repair and screen repair to used phone sales, we will ensure that your phone will look like it was still fresh out the box. Located in Longview, TX, we repair and an array of the latest Apple smart phones, Android smart phones, laptops, and desktops. We also modify and repair PlayStation, Nintendo and X-Box consoles. With years of experience, Shattered ER continues to be the most reliable source for all your device repair needs.

Shattered ER is an affordable and reliable service that can also handle computer LCD replacements and tablet repair as well. We don't shy away from any task and our company has some of the best technicians that can fix nearly anything put in front of them.

Don't let your device turn into a paperweight. Contact Shattered ER now for all your device repair needs. We are the emergency room repair for all electrics!

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We also repair Video Game Consoles and Computers!

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